CNG Refuelling Stations are placed to refuel natural gas vehicles(NGVs). A CNG Refuelling Station usually consists of gas pressure regulating system,two gas compressors(one runs the other stands by),a gas dryer,one set gas storage,CNG dispensers,buffer&recycle tank,control software system,underground pipings and related accessaries.CNG Refuelling Stations are installed where natural gas is available.

  How Does It Work? Upstream pipeline natural gas from a pressure regulating system goes to a gas dryer,being stripped of water and other impurities,then goes into natural gas compressor, where it's compressed. Then gas is pumped into refillable gas storage under the pressure of 20-25 MPa. Treated gas is used for fuel vehicles through CNG dispensers.


1. Pressure Regulator    2.Gas Dryer    3.Natural Gas Compessor    4.Gas Storage    5.CNG Dispenser

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