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пропилена Компрессор


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Propylene is an important industrial raw material,mainly for polypropylene,which is a plastic polymer with the chemical designation C3H6. It is used in a wide range of settings - both in the production of industrial and consumer goods - and can be used as either a structural plastic or as a fiber. Hantu propylene compressor is widely used in loading, unloading, process gas pressurization and recovery use.  The seal can be Liquid film shaft,Labyrinth,Mechanical oil,Injection extraction according to requirements.Propylene Compressor is compact structure, high efficiency, stable operation and high reliability.
2.Large capacity
3.Low discharge pressure
4.PLC control system
5.Low noise and easy operation

Main Technical Parameters:
no. type

inlet pressure


outlet pressure


discharge capacity


motor power


dimension (mm)


1 D-0.6/16-24 16 24 550 11 1000×580×870
2 D-0.8/16-24 16 24 750 15 1000×580×870


16 24 920 18.5 1000×580×870


16 24 1380 30 1000×580×870
5 D-12/3-22 0.1 22 1440 132 2180x1250x2350
6 D-4/16-24 16 24 4000 75 2800x1350x2360
7 D-10/1-25 1.0 25 1200 150 2800x1350x2360
8 D-20/1-24 1.0 24 2400 250 5400x3400x1750

The above values are only for reference.Please contact us for the more details.

The Propylene Compressors are too numerous to enumerate.

If you have any specific requirements for a Propylene Compressor, please feel free to contact us with your query. 
We also supply other series Propylene Compressors ,for generation,for filling,for seperate ,etc. ,many types of them. 
1.The compressor can enter into container, we adopt simple and rain-proof package.
2.If the compressor can not enter into container, the goods will be transported by train or other way, we adopt wooden or iron plate package.
Ask for a Turnkey Propylene Plant Solutions? 
If you need a Turnkey Propylene Solutions,please feel free to contact us with necessary information,then our team can start formulating a plan.
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