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азотные компрессорные


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Nitrogen (N2) is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that constitutes 78.08% by volume of the air we breathe. Nitrogen is an inert gas; the term inert basically means unreactive.). Nitrogen has many commercial and technical applications. Hantu nitrogen as compressors are used for produce nitrogen and nitrogen booster.They are widely used in Laser Cutting,Steel Mills,Carbon Fiber Curing,Automotive Manufacturing,Aviation,etc. 
1. No oil lubricated, non- pollution
2. Reciprocating piston compressor, high efficiency, low energy consumption
3. Compact structure, reliable performance, easy handling, easy maintenance
4. Two types:Air cooed type and water cooled type

Main Technical Parameters:
no. type

inlet pressure


outlet pressure


discharge capacity


motor power


dimension (mm)




1 M-22.26/(15-17)-40 15-17 40 50 185 1480×850×1150 1000
2 D-0.83/6-25 6 25 300 30 3000×1500×2100 2700
3 D-3/0.1-8 0.1 8 195 30 2700×1500×2250 3000
4 D-10/200 0.2-0.4 200 600 200 4600×3300×1600 12000
5 D-8/7 0.2-0.4 7 480 75 3000x1700x2350 5500
6 D-6/20 0.2-0.4 200 360 110 3000x1800x2100 6500
7 D-4/220 0.2-0.4 220 240 90 2800x1700x1900 4500
8 D-0.3/1.1-7.5 1.1 7.5 140 19 1850x1800x1700 2000

The above values are only for reference.Please contact us for the more details.

The Nitrogen Gas Compressors are too numerous to enumerate.
If you have any specific requirements for a Nitrogen Gas Compressor, please feel free to contact   us with your query. 
We also supply other series Nitrogen Gas Compressors, for gas lift oil production, filling, for refine, for seperate, etc. ,many types of them. 
1.The compressor can enter into container, we adopt simple and rain-proof package.
2.If the compressor can not enter into container, the goods will be transported by train or other way, we adopt wooden or iron plate package.
Ask for a Turnkey Nitrogen Gas Plant Solutions? 
If you need a Turnkey Nitrogen Gas Plant Solutions,please feel free to contact us with necessary information,then our team can start formulating a plan.
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